Best equipment hiring service in London.

Metro Rigging provides high quality and stringently tested equipment for hire and sale as well as drapes for hire and sale. Our equipment and drapes are used by many major film, television and ad sets, major events and venues all around the UK and around the globe.

All our equipment are tested and certified. We ensure the safety and quality of all our rigging equipment for hire and sale. Our drapes are made using the highest quality material and are available for hire or purchase.  Our drapes come in various sizes, material and colours to best suit your needs.

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Rigging equipments for hire

Aluminium & Steel Ladder Beams

Our aluminium and steel ladder beams are available in all sizes. They are strong and tested many times for safety.

Aluminium Towers

Our aluminium towers are available in 2 sizes, 7’ x 7' and 10' x 10'. Contact us for different size requests.

Chain Tackles

The chain tackles are available in 30’ , 40’ and 50’ sizes.

Electric Motors

We offer a full range of electric motors to suit all applications and meets all UK and European safety and quality standards.

Span Sets

Our span sets are strong and safe. Available in various sizes.

Truss & Toberone

They available in various sizes. We have a new 22" Litec Truss. Please contact us for details on specific size.

Tube & Fittings

Available in various sizes. Please contact us for details.

Drapes Hire & Drape Sales

Waterproof drapes

Black colour. Available in all sizes. Contact us for specifc size requirements.

Sash and Black Bolton

Available in various sizes. Contact us for details.

Chroma Key

Our chroma keys are available in various fabrics, colours and sizes. Contact us for custom orders.

Blackout drapes

Available in various sizes to completely block out light entering into a set.